lunes, 30 de noviembre de 2015


This is an illustration I did for the Contest Character Merisiel (Pathfinder, Paizo Fantasy RPG).

Love and Co

Some illustrations I worked for Moi Magazine December Issue. Fun color vectors! Hope you like them!



I made this illustration for Expreso newspaper here in Hermosillo Sonora. Its for a new species of dinosaur recently discovered called Tototlmimus Packardensis. I tried to portray the accurate kind of picture description, hope you like it. Cheers!


Recent Color Illustrations

These are a couple of color illustrations I recently worked on for Moi magazine and other clients, hope you like them. Cheers!


Black & White Illustrations!

These are some Black and White illustrations I made for a cover of a Metal Band, as well as some fab arts for the Inktober campaign (vía facebook). Hope you dig them, cheers!